Design Of My Website

This part of my blog is about the design of my webpage. When starting this blog, the first page you access is to choose the ‘theme’ of your blog. I spent approximately five minutes on this page as I couldn’t find one that immediately grabbed my attention. But then I decided to choose ‘Quintus’. This theme was perfectly simple with the appearance being sharp and smart, and the layout being neat whilst in conjunction with the colours creating a composition of professionalism,which I felt works well for an online portfolio.

The colours of this template are autumn colours with brown and black, but the title background is a charcoal colour with a rippled effect as if it is a business card, and this certainly appealed to me.

I also like the way the writing and layout is set out, with a very simplistic edge creating easy to read writing, with the font being clear and well sized, and this in turn is very appealing to the eyes.

With the layout of my blog, I feel my name being centered at the top adds an emphasis of importance, so straight away the reader knows who’s blog it is. The layout of the page is very simplistic as well with the way in which the different pages are along the top and the blogs are all the main part of the screen. If the reader would like to read any particular blog then they are listed in the right hand column.

In the blogs themselves I decided to add pictures into them so that when discussing a topic the pictures will act as a visual aid to the reader. I also added previous video work as between the pictures and the videos, they break up the text rather than having blocked writing which in turn makes it easier to read. And the pictures I’ve inserted relate to the topic in discussion.

The blog headers are also a key factor into the layout of this blog and helped distinguish this theme from others as they are a clear indication of where everything is laid out, and also helps the reader understand what the blog is about.

Therefore the reason I chose this theme is because it was attractive but professional, clear and easy to read, whilst the layout is clear for anyone  to understand.


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