In this blog I shall talk about my influences, be it directors, tv programmes, films or production companies.

I am a very big film fan; I have a DVD collection of 200+ and it will continue to grow as my love for film does. Just yesterday I watched a film titled ‘Into The Wild’, a directorial gem from Sean Penn who also wrote the screenplay. I thought it had been brilliantly directed from the beautiful cinematography to the way he utilized the emotional manipulation to keep this film feeling very raw and personal, even by breaking the fourth wall. All of this allows the film to show the magnitude of the story being undertaken. Penn has truly directed a thought-provoking, poignant film here and deserves all the credit he receives. Therefore I feel he has influenced me with his absolute desire and dedication to the film.

There are many talented directors in the film world with such greats as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and Quentin Tarantino. But one of my Favourite directors has to be ‘the legendary’ Martin Scorsese,

With ‘The Departed’ being one of my favourite films, I feel that without Scorsese directing, this film would not have been the enthralling masterpiece it is today.

‘Goodfellas, Shutter Island and Taxi Driver’ are just three other examples perfectly directed by Scorsese.

I am also a big fan of television, hence the reason I chose to study it at university. One of my favourite television programmes has to be Entourage.

Entourage is an american dramedy (comedy-drama) shown on HBO. The series follows Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) a young movie star, and his ‘entourage’ as they deal with life as Los Angeles A-listers. This series is loosely based on the actor Mark Wahlberg’s life and shows a hilarious insight into the movie world. The key to this programmes success comes from the writers who kept this series witty yet hard-hitting. Entourage also produces an ensemble of cameos from Scarlett Johansson to James Cameron. I decided to watch this one rainy sunday afternoon, as had recently purchased season one, and I have been hooked on it ever since.

As far as inspirations go I would have to say that production companies inspire me, as I aspire to work in the film industry. Warner Brothers have probably influenced me the most. Ever since I was a child I can remember going to the cinema and as a film would start, the bold WB would appear on-screen. Founded in 1923 as Warner Brothers pictures, a subsidiary of time Warner,  I’ve always been astounded at how big the company has become.


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